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Friday, May 2, 2008

A Stranger in a Strange Land

Okay... consider me dramatic.

I've just completed my first week on the job (practically... I still have another hour to kill). It was kind of auspicious. I mean, this truly seems like a fun bunch of people to work with. I'm sure I'll find things that I'm not particularly fond of, but for the most part, to quote Tim Gunn, "(I'll) Make it work!"

The newness of the area is still affecting me. Who thought leaving the desert would leave me in disarray? I grew up in the land of green space abundance. The land of towering trees and grass and highways for miles. Yet, I still find myself feeling like I'm on another (colonial) planet. I miss the bright lights of Las Vegas that would often guide me home if I ever found myself lost.

My first week on the job assessment: Hmm.. let's see. I'll make a list of things I've noticed.

  • People are really chill in my office.
  • I find that I generally like everyone - they've been pretty nice.
  • I miss the sanctuary-like environment of my former office... sigh... That's the introvert in my. INTJ here.
  • I do miss my students from UNLV but some of the ones I've met here seem pretty receptive, energetic and fun.
  • It's the same ol' same ol' regarding student thoughts on programming. I already had one student tell me that something wouldn't work on this campus. In my last school, I heard students say the same thing. There is clearly some work to be done to help them see the infinite possibilities. I am a firm believer that you can make pretty much ANYTHING work on any campus - it's all in how you present the information to the audience.
  • When you are familiar with the type of work you have to do - it's easy to jump right in!
  • It's way easier to be yourself from the beginning instead of "flipping the script" on folks. Keep it real!
  • Did I just hear someone yell down the hall for me? HA HA! That really trips me out. Reminds me of my father yelling in the house asking me to get him a glass of iced water. Incredible. It's a good reminder of what I did to Shina, my student worker. I will always reminder not to EVER yell in an office for someone's attention - a phone call or IM will suffice.
  • Sometimes you just gotta jump right in and go for it.
This first week have been busy but in a good way. I already have tasks and meetings popping up and I'm ready. I can't wait to see what I can do within this position.

As for all of the other stuff... well. it's just that.. "stuff". I'll adjust, just as I did when I first started in Las Vegas. It'll just take me a few weeks.

More news to come from Colonial Fairfax....


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Jerica said...

You are missed.... though it's good to hear that you are "making it work" out there in Virgina!